About this Project

I hope that a lot of people will help me make this project big. There is nothing like it in the Bujinkan as far as I know. The intention is to list as many seminars as possible, Facebook is good but not everyone is using it and those who do does it less and less. If you're like me with over 1000 friends you can't keep up with everyone. This is how this will come in, web sites been around for 20 years and they will keep existing. There is a bunch of cool apps people use that are based on web sites (you might not be aware of it but they are). With this so called web 2.0 where web sites and apps talks to each other is the future and have been for a while now.


I've been programming web sites since 1995 and since then listed Bujinkan seminars as I found out. First I did it manually, which was time consuming as hell. People e-mailed me and asked me to add or update the records etc. Then five years later I installed a script where each person could log in and update their own records. That was the Bujinkan Seminar Database, it was perl and text based. So now 10-15 years later it is time to upgrade it to 2.0, and this is it.

I have many web sites, but the Bujinkan related ones is Budoshop.SE, Kabutoshimen, Bujinkan Kaigozan Dojo, NinZine, Bujinkan.ME Community, and I also is responsible for the Swedish Bujinkan-federation web site. All these web sites have seminars from this database listed on them (I'll explain how I did that below). Together these web sites have around 5000 visitors per month.

For users...

There is several options how to follow newly added seminars.

  • RSS/Syndication: Subscribe to all, only Swedish (use country code for your country, see the bottom dropdown menu on the main page), only selected user (you need to know the users login name on the database).
  • iCal: Subscribe to the calendar (experimental so far). all seminars, only Swedish (use your country code, se above), only selected user (see above). You can also get individual seminars from the drop down menu from each seminar on the main page.

For Webmasters, Developers and Partners

You can use anyone of these urls to display the seminars on your web site.

Wordpress: Install Advanced iframe plugin (for example) and link to this clean.php is really easy! Here is an example. You can also localize like the Swedish Bujinkanfederation.

Various snippets and experiments

Note test is experimental and testing, the one with the highest number is the newest. I won't delete older versions in case you are using it.

clean01.php, promo01.php, tiny01.php, test.php,


  • 2013-07-23 Calendar: Added download calendar from [more] button
  • 2013-07-19 Calendar: New (beta)
  • 2013-07-18 Database: Changed date to date and time on From-To date fields (for future projects)
  • 2013-07-05 Print page: added dynamic title to the page
  • 2013-07-05 Main page: moved info buttons to dropdown menu, also added social share buttons
  • 2013-07-04 Main page: changed it totally, here is a listview.php for print out maybe
  • 2013-07-02 RSS: Added ?owner=username
  • 2013-07-02 Made a tiny.php one
  • 2013-07-01 Alternative display on main page (experimental)
  • 2013-07-01 Added &display=3 option to clean.php

To Do List

  • Fixing the logo in the menu, and misc graphics
  • Splitting up results with "twitter like" more button at bottom of the page
  • Making a calendar, calendar invitations etc (huge project).
  • Big project (only if people are interested!?). Making another database with instructor profiles that can be linked to the seminars.

What else? Come on give me ideas!

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